Mille Johansson, 17 years old from Sweden, drove the third round of the Finnish Rally Championship this weekend. This was when the Jyväskylän Talviralli was decided in Jyväskylä, home of the Finnish WRC-round. In his two-wheel-drive Ford Fiesta Rally4 from GN Motorsport, Mille, this time together with experienced co-driver Christer Carlsson, set strong stage times in the class, flew high over the Finnish crests – but later had to retire when the car again got engine problems.

– For the second rally in a row, we again had engine problems. It has been more and more prominent during the course of the event, that the car was running out of power, but we fought on and did the best we could. The roads around Jyväskylä are special to drive on, and it takes experience to drive fast there. But I’m pretty happy with the speed we had, given the circumstances. The collaboration with Christer worked well right from the start, in our first competition together with pace notes, Mille Johansson sums up his second winter rally in Finland for the season.

During the winter, Mille drove two winter rallies in the Finnish championship together with his new team, GN Motorsport. This to gather experience and build speed before Mille’s main challenge for the season, which will be presented shortly.