Swedish rally driver Mille Johansson has driven a whole season in the Slovenian championship, and won a stage in ERC Junior. But he has never previously competed in the Swedish championship. But this weekend Mille and co-driver Johan Grönvall will make their debut in the Swedish championship at the gravel sprint in Hässleholm.

The rally is the second part of the sprint championship on gravel, and is decided at Hovdala castle outside Hässleholm. One stage is run three times, and Mille and Johan compete in the two-wheel drive class with GN Motorsport in their Ford Fiesta Rally4.

– It will be fun to drive in Sweden again, and on a really nice road unlike the ERC-rally in Poland, which was my first competition on gravel in a Rally4 car. It will also be the first rally with a driver’s license here in Sweden, which means that I now get to drive with the faster Rally4 car and with pace notes, which I didn’t get before, says Mille.

The competition in the two-wheel drive class is tough, with 32 crews. Among other things through championship leader Mattias Adielsson from Gothenburg, multiple sprint champion Daniel Röjsel and home town-driver Johan Green.

– The goal for the weekend will be to find a good base-setup of the car for the next ERC competition in Latvia, concludes Mille.

The stage, which passes Hovdala Castle, measures 6 kilometers and is run three times. In the same team, GN Motorsport, Junior World Champion Tom Kristensson also competes in the four-wheel drive class.